As a freelance editor, I’ve edited books, articles, in-house and client-facing print and web publications, newsletters, and brochures. Topics I’ve worked on include psychology, philosophy, education, and medicine. Past clients range from self-published authors and psychotherapists to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Wildwood School.

Line editing: I want your writing to be the best it can be. My goal is to help showcase your voice and uniqueness. To do that, I will revise, rearrange, tighten, and expand your work as needed. I’ll check for everything from over-reliance on certain turns of phrase to passive sentences. On request, I’ll also check your research, adding information and removing errors.

Copy editing: As your copy editor, I’ll focus on issues with grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, and more. I’ll check for consistency in spelling, capitalization, etc., and I’ll make sure your writing complies with the style guide of your choice.

Proofreading: I want your final work to be perfect. I’ll give your writing a last-draft examination for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

*Please contact me to ask about my rates.